A maternity shooting is a delicate, intimate and personal choice. Those who are not pregnant only describe the magic of the event itself, but recurring sentences of a mother-to-be are:

“I look like a hot-air balloon”;
“Look! What a swollen ankles!”;
“I have backache”;
“I am a fin whale”.

When your body is changing and expanding, it’s difficult to combine the concept of beauty with the idea of yourself. There is a life in that body, and the happiness is just for this reason. You do not have to accept changes, but you must enjoy them. It doesn’t matter if you are shy or lively, because you must feel like a beautiful, ironic, playful and attractive woman.

A maternity shooting is a way to expose yourself in order to show the new harmonies of your body and to take an amazing beauty back. The shooting is a way to cuddle yourself, smile, get excited and warm the heart of the father-to-be that someday will exclaim: “Look! mum was so beautiful during pregnancy!”

Maternity shooting