The hardest and funniest part of my job is to take photos to children. Before the specialization in family portraiture, I thought that the worst situation was the bride told me “I don’t like to be shot”.

Then, I have discovered children. They don’t care about the best profile, a stain on a pair of jeans, smiling without a milk tooth. Mum’s ideas about Christmas calendar are not important for them. They just want to have fun!
My studio becomes a sort of game room with stuffed animals, fairy tales books, lights, colourful pillows, balloons, and toys. The only rule is fun!

“Kid time” is more relaxed and dilated than adult time. Motion is a lifestyle for a child. I have learnt that the time spent to play is the best way to waste time. Therefore, running, having patience, singing Zecchino d’Oro songs, making faces and doing yoga poses are essential to capture spontaneous smiles. Nevertheless, kids are the most beautiful and genuine models.

Kids shooting