Photography is the witness of time. All we have the duty and honour to show how we were to our descendants. We have to leave traces because we belong to the same history.

I remind a conference in which the speaker asked the attendants whether they had a recent family photo. Not many people raised their hands, maybe a dozen attendants. The most beautiful portray is the trilogy “grandmum, mum and daughter”. They look to the future with the same eyes. These photos were important before the development of the digital world. People were used to buy films for their holidays or family parties, but for sure every birthday was immortalized by a photo with a kid sitting in front of a birthday cake.

Today we take food photos and post them, but often we don’t have a family photo on our gallery!

It doesn’t take much! Our nearest and dearest deserve a photo!

Family Shooting

When you can see love, you can take photos, and each shot is forever