How you can embellish your wedding


Pre-wedding photo shoot

Some weeks before the wedding, in order to become familiar with the camera, I usually take you some funny and romantic shots in a location you choose: the place you have met for the first time or a location you like.

Wedding list

You can activate a wedding list. In this way, your guests can contribute to create your wedding album. Otherwise, they can choose one of the other available services.

Gift for the newlyweds or friends

The wedding party can give the newlyweds a photo shoot. On the other hand, the bride and groom-to-be can give a dynamic pre-wedding photo shoot.

Wedding announcements and invitations

If you are tired of classic announcements or invitations, I will give you an original idea: wedding announcements and invitations can be personalized by using pre-wedding shots.

A site for your wedding

We offer an exclusive,modern and original service in order to: tell and share all information about the wedding day; collect the announcements; give suggestions about the wedding list.

Tableau Mariage Service

Your best pre-wedding shots can be used for the tableau and place cards, in order to make a good and personalized preparation.



There is the possibility to project the best wedding shots onto a big screen with your favourite song in background. All that during the wedding reception!

Photo booth

This US idea is a funny and original way to involve everybody! During the wedding reception, I usually give you some gadgets in order to party and joke all together.

Souvenir photo

In addition to the shots taken at the restaurant, I also take Polaroid snapshots to insert in postcards. Moreover, I can provide you a wireless printer connected with smartphones in order to print immediately your wedding party’s photos.


A lot of stardust….and you could make all wishes you have in your heart. A magic and moving scenography will involve all your guests and make you fell the warmth of a special hug.

Wedding frame

Your photo is printed and glued on a panel where the wedding party can write wishes for the newlyweds filling every blank space.


Trash the dress

It is the latest trend in bridal photography that has been rapidly spreading in the US and in Britain. It is an original idea to wear your wedding dresses again without worrying about bon ton. It is worth adding that the newlyweds do not actually have to trash their dresses: they buy similar, cheaper clothes.

Thank you cards

Thank you card”: a nice idea to thank your guests by sending them cards with your photos after the wedding.