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It is a privilege to participate in one of the best moments of a couple portraying their wedding.
Every time this journey becomes discovery, emotion and pleasure..shot by shot, frame by frame.


The birth of a baby is the birth of parents too. Maternity portraits capture all sweetness and beauty of new harmonies with simplicity, cheerfulness and playfulness.


Taking photos to children is a pleasure because they infuse spontaneity and simplicity. You cannot force them to pose or keep seated because they would not last even five minutes. For this reason, I leave space for imagination.

Photo Shoots

Matteo Michelino

I am a photographer, but when I started doing this job I was an analogical photographer. I search for care of detail, balance and flair for experimentation.

During the years I have studied wedding photography and I have learnt the most innovative technics of shooting and post-production.

I have an eclectic style that portrays with authenticity the most relevant moments of the wedding day. Moreover, I prefer reportage and spontaneous photographs.